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Terms and conditions

We reserve the right to cancel or modify the travel service purchased by substituting services or varying the itinerary.

In all cases the substitution will be of comparable or superior product or service.  In the unlikely event that a supplier substitutes a product or service without the knowledge of Holiday Escapes and where this substitution was not a comparable or superior product or service, Holiday Escapes will refund the difference at the completion of the trip.  In any event, Holiday Escapes liability will be limited to the purchase price of the travel service and will not be liable for any claims, loss or damages.

Travel arrangements made by Holiday Escapes are subject to the terms, conditions and tariffs set out by our suppliers.  Holiday Escapes will not assume liability for any refunds, looses, damage costs or expenses arising our of injury, accident or death, loss of, or damage to, or delay in baggage or other property, delay, inconvenience, upset, disappointment, stress, frustration, or loss of enjoyment or loss of holiday time resulting from:  i) the act or fault or omission by any party other than by Holiday Escapes or it's employees; ii) mechanical breakdown, government action, weather strike or any other action beyond its control; iii) being denied access to aircraft due to contravening the airlines conditions of carriage; iv) the traveller missing flight connections or departures or failing to follow instructions of tour representatives.

No refunds will be made for any unused portions of travel booked.